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PSD after Croatian, initiates changes in the Romanian public procurement!

Partnership for Social Development (PSD) has with a partner organization in Romania, Expert Forum (EFOR), on 11 November 2013 with a five-day working meeting in Bucharest, began with the implementation of the project CLISFP - Cross-Country Legal and Institutional Framework for Suppression of Fraud in Public Procurement, financed by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

The project is revolutionary for many reasons, but primarily because for the first time a non-governmental organization from one Member State will lead the process of inter-country transfer of knowledge and technical capacity building in another EU country. After Croatia initiated the adoption of the new Public Procurement Act and established a unique database of all public procurement procedures in the Republic of Croatia, PSD will transfer its experience and knowledge to Romania, where they will, together with EFOR, work in advocating for a new law on public procurement and improvement of its control mechanisms. In addition to the exchange of best practices between Croatia and Romania, the main objective of this project is the creation of the first EU interstate mechanism for combating fraud, as well as devising experimental interstate common EU public procurement market between Croatia and Romania.

Working meeting of experts from PSD and EFOR has, with the help of leading experts responsible of monitoring and policy development in public procurement and the prevention of corruption, resulted in the analysis and risk assessment of Romania's public procurement system in line with indicators that PSD had already established. In the work participated the representatives of all relevant institutions related to the public procurement system in Romania: the State Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office of Romania, Mr. Radu Puchiu; State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, Ms. Simona Maya Teodoroiu; President of the Romanian National Agency for Integrity, Mr. Horia Georgescu; as well as representatives of the Society for Excellence in Public Administration (Societatea pentru Excellent in Administratia Publica ), the National Council for Solving Complaints and the media. Special emphasis is put on the innovations of the Croatian Public Procurement Act which came into force on 1 January 2012, as well as on the unique PSD 's Public Procurement Database,, along with a detailed overview of all the variables and indicators for monitoring public procurement that this unique tool provides. All actors in this project were impressed by the quality of the developed tools for monitoring public procurement ( ) which are by many parameters unique in Europe .

Soon read more about this truly unique project that could soon change the way we think about the common EU market by setting its basic foundation - the freedom of the market with honesty in the work of all stakeholders.
More about the project CLISFP can be read here.

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